About Me

Hey there, my name is Megan Goodson.

I’m a 37 female Graphic and Web Designer, Web Developer, Marketer and Social Media Guru all packaged in one person.

I started off at 11 years old teaching myself HTML in a weekend so I could make a fansite for Burt Ward from the 1960s Batman (this website was recognized by Burt Ward himself at the time). From there, my knowledge grew and I made lots of fansites throughout my childhood and learned more HTML and then CSS through that hobby.

In College, I discovered Web Design and more Web Development classes and started on that at Wake Tech Community College. I graduated with an Associates in Arts in 2008. I then transferred to Peace College to get my BA in Graphic Design. I graduated from Peace College in 2012.

After school, I had lots of freelance opportunities and because of the 2008 job market crash, I had lots of job hopping as well. While, it wasn’t what I had planned for myself, I was able to learn a lot about the industry in which I wanted to work in and was able to grow because of it.

For most of my jobs, I was required to learn WordPress (backend and front end, HTML, CSS, and PHP), Marketing (Google Adwords, Analytics, and designing banners to match), Social Media (at the time Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I am currently learning how to best market on Tiktok.), and Web Design (AI, PS, etc).

I am proudly able to start the graphics for a business from the ground up and finish it off with the marketing and complete website to go with it.


My Knowledge Spans Several Fields:

Fields of Knowledge:
Graphic Design
Print Design
Web Design
Social Media

Coding Knowledge:
Adobe Muse (that has been discontinued)


Currently Learning: Javascript and Python 

Graphic Programs:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe In Design
Adobe XD
Adobe Acrobat


Google Adwords
Google Analytics
Making graphics for said advertising campaigns and monitoring them as well
Facebook Ads
Email Blasts using general software and mailchimp


Social Media:

Web Hosting:
Handle Domains (buying, renewing, transferring between accounts)
Setting up DNS
Security Certificates
Buying/Setting Up/Maintaining Web Hosting

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