Earrings for Sale

Below are my hand made earrings that are for sale. Most of them are on my Etsy Account but some aren’t yet so you can only buy them here.


How do I buy From You If they aren’t in your Etsy Shop? 
To buy them from me here just email me megangoodson65[at]gmail and I will send you my paypal address.
How Much is Shipping if not buying on Etsy?
Shipping Cost is $2.00 in the USA. Outside the USA it will be $5.00.
What are the earring posts made of? 
Sterling Silver and Nickel Free Metal
What are the Kawaii and Fan Made Super Heroes Made of? 
Shrinky Dinks.

Choose which Earrings you’d like to view! 

Fan Made Earrings  (Super Heroes, Anime, etc)

Kawaii Earrings (Original Designs inspired by Japanese Culture)

Original Earrings (Made from beads that have been collected from all around)